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Katie Couric and Ex: Reunited?

Katie Couric’s ex- boyfriend Chris Botti, who she has been seen eating with in NYC’s restaurant recently, was also seen with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Gastineau in LA couple of weeks later. As source tells Chris and Lisa got along well, joking and smiling. Most sources tell Star that Katie and Chris are not dating. So the question is, how will Katie react to her ex hanging out with his ex-girlfriend?

Vince Crushed Over: Jen Dating!**

Jennifer is now dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend Sam Rockwell. Vince Vaughn, Jen’s ex-boyfriend, seems to be very upset about the situation. He was seen in a Japanese restaurant, in LA, complaining about his life to his friend.

Caught: Tom Uncovers Katie’s Plan to Leave Him!!!

Katie is going to Shreveport , La with her 10-month-old daughter to film her next movie, Mad Money. Sources say that she planned this to “break free from her controlling husband Tom Cruise.” In order to control his wife he is planning to go with her to Shreveport and will be on the set every day.

The reason why Tom wants to attend the set is to interfere with the nude scene that Katie has with a young co-star Adam Rothenberg in her new move. He already talked with producers of the movie and told them why the movie would be better without the nude scene. However, industry sources say that the nude scene could really boost Katie’s career as an actor. Although, due to the low budget of the move Tom will have the last word since he has a lot of money and connections.

Such unfortunate decision on his part could jeopardize their relationship, because Katie is trying to continue her slowed down acting carrier and she is very persistent about it, sources say.

Angelina’s Nightmare: Birth Mom Wants Son Back!**

Baby trouble for Angelina Jolie. Her newly adopted son Pax Thien Jolie, from Ho Chi Minh City is not adapting well to his new home in Malibu California. To make things worth his birth mother, Pham Thu Dung, single garment factory worker and a drug addict, wants to get profit from her child and might want to try getting her child back from Angelina.

Angelina’s lawyer assures Star that the adoption is final and binding. Insiders say that Angelina knew that there might be a problem with mother, because she knew that mother was alive. The actress decided to go ahead with the adoption process since the child was abandoned by his birth mother, the mother had no legal custody of a child anymore.

When the birth mother of the baby Pax found out secretly that the baby was adopted by multi millionaires, she decided to make some money from the child by trying to look for the baby in the hospital but was unsuccessful since she could not recognize her son. Angelina states that she is not going to pay money to his birth mother, because it would be like “blood money” to her.

Another issue that Angelina has to deal with is her that while the baby’s mother was pregnant with him she was on heroin. Family doctor tells Star that the child should be fine. Currently Angelina is looking for a Vietnamese nanny to make the environment for the new baby more home friendly.

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