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Kiss from Madonna Cursed Britney Spears ...

By bumpshack

Half of America thought it was hot when it happened. The other half of the population was disgusted and turned off by it. I think now we can undeniably say that the kiss between Madonna **and **Britney Spears during the MTV Video Music Awards four years ago cursed Britney and changed her life and career path forever. I put together the list below to back up this point. If I left anything off that should be included then post a comment and I will add it to this list.

Here is a look at how the curse has taken hold of Britney Spears life:
Quickie Las Vegas marriage to Jason Alexander (January 3, 2004)• Injured her knee during the filming of her music video Outrageous (June 2004)• Begins dating Kevin Federline (June 2004)• Marries white trash prince Kevin Federline (October 6, 2004)• UPN reality TV show Britney & Kevin Chaotic (Spring 2005)• Releases her (sure sign a career is over) Greatest Hits Album (2004)• Photographed driving with Sean Preston in her lap (February 2006)• Madonna ends friendship with Brit due to her leaving Kabbalah (June 2006)• Home video posted with stoned rambling Britney (August 2006)• Poses nude while very visibly pregnant (August 2006)• Files for divorce from K-Fed (November 2006)• Sex tape blackmail from K-Fed (November 11, 2006)• Begins relationship and heavy partying with Paris Hilton (Nov-Dec 2006)• Exposes her bald vagina to cameras multiple times (Nov-Dec 2006)• Voted ‘Worst Celebrity Dog Owner‘ (December 2006)• Collapsesat New Years Eve party in Vegas (January 1, 2007)• Voted Mr. Blackwells’ Worst Dressed Celeb (January 10, 2007)• Enters rehab in Antigua for a day (February 16, 2007)• Shaves her head bald and gets two new tattoos (February 17, 2007)• Enters rehab for the second time in less than a week, for a day (February 20, 2007)• Attacks paparazzi with umbrella outside K-Fed’s (February 21, 2007)• Enters rehab for the third time for drug and alcohol addictions (February 22, 2007)• Britney claims to be the anti-Christwhile in rehab- (March 4, 2007)

Twenty-three very good reasons of how the ‘lip-lock’ locked Britney Spears fate.

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