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Britney Spears Aunt Begs Her to Come Home to Louisiana

By Wendy

I really do hope she got the help she needs in rehab. Oh, who are we kidding here, huh? I mean seriously. I predict we’ll be seeing the return of Britney’s hoo-ha within 48 hours.

As Britney Spears quietly checked out of rehab in Malibu Tuesday night, she used a decoy to attend an AA meeting in the L.A. suburb of Topanga.

That’s right. Fresh out of rehab, the pop princess is already tricking the pesky paparazzi to enjoy her sobered freedom since checking out of the Promises treatment center.

And now “Extra” has this plea from Brit’s aunt, Chandra McGovern, about Spears’ next step.

“In my opinion, she should come home,” her aunt suggested. “Take a break, get out of the cameras, get out of the media, just take a break. Come back home; stay at her home in Kentwood.”

Britney’s aunt spoke with us alongside the pop princess’ cousin Miranda by her side on their Mississippi porch, and dished that at one point things were so bad that Brit’s family feared she would self-destruct.

“That was my first thought; worried about if she was going to drug overdose or get in a car accident, or what was going to happen because of her wild behavior,” Chandra said.

After several failed attempts, Chandra is encouraged that Brit was able to spend an entire month in rehab.

“The continuous partying and the abuse that she’s doing, and the half nudity the way she’s dressing and showing herself… it’s not good,” her aunt pointed out.

And only “Extra” got this reaction to Brit’s release from rehab from a source close to Brit’s ex, Kevin Federline, who claims he’s “not about to return the kids as a reward for completing rehab. She’ll have increased custody as long as she demonstrates she’s living life with the best interests of her children.”

Once Britney’s family is in order she’ll be able to focus on a career comeback.

And the man in charge of that comeback is four time Grammy nominee Sean Garrett, who told “Extra” that Britney expressing herself may help her to find herself again.

“I’ll let her tell the story that she wants to be told to the world,” Garrett dished. “Basically my job is to just give her hit records.”

And as her aunt expressed, the world is willing to forgive and forget Britney’s mistakes and more than ready for Brit to reign as pop princess once again.

“We go through the excitement and the disappointments of her doing good, or oh she’s gone wild now,” her aunt shared. “But she’s still Britney here; everybody still loves her.”

Everybody still loves her, but what if she goes bankrupt? I guess they’ll all have to go back to their jobs at Walmart. Clean up on aisle 5!


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