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Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

By Wendy

Incredibly annoying? Yes.

Full of himself? Oh, yes.

But gay? Who the hell cares. I don’t get the gay vibe from him (and yes, I do have advanced GayDar sensory implants installed, so get off):

In Touch Weekly has a report that notes that Cowell’s ribbing of Seacrest about his sexuality this season had lots of American Idol fans wondering.

But according to the report, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend Shana Wall, who he dated for a few years, says he’s been telling the truth when he says he’s straight. "Ryan is not gay, nor is he bisexual," Shana, who produces and hosts the online cooking show, The Hot Dish with Shana, tells In Touch. "We had an amazing and passionate relationship for a few years, and we are still very close."

Why do celebrities always call their past relationships "amazing"? Let’s save that word for stuff like Disneyland, or finishing a marathon, or watching Celine Dion finish a concert without showing everyone her hoo-hah. THAT would be amazing.

Via American Idol 'Outing' Cancelled: Seacrest's ...

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