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Proof That Scientologists Are Nuts

By steph

**Source: Cruise Called Beckhams 18 Times in One Hour **

When Tom Cruise lets his inner control freak get the best of him, there’s one person Katie Holmes, 28, knows she can count on for a shoulder to cry on: her British best friend Victoria Beckham.

“Katie has been crying over the phone,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “She’s frustrated. Tom is denying her every single thing.”

The insider adds: “Once, Katie and Victoria talked on the phone for four hours.”

And Beckham has seen how domineering Cruise can be firsthand. A source close to the 44-year-old actor tells Us that he is relentlessly trying to convince the ex-Spice Girl, 32, and her husband, soccer star David Beckham, 31 (who are moving to L.A. this year), to convert to his religion.

“Victoria is sick and tired of Tom being on her back about Scientology,” says the source. “Victoria is an old-fashioned British woman who believes in God. She finds it quite rude that Tom is bugging her so much. Not too long ago, Tom left 18 messages in one hour to get them to join the church.”

The source adds Victoria has put her foot down to Tom’s pressure. “When she says no, she means no.”

Cruise’s rep tells Us, “This is completely false. Tom does not and never has encouraged anyone to adopt Scientology.”

Has Katie become more submissive since becoming involved with Cruise or has she always had a compliant personality? How is the actor influencing his wife’s career? What happened when Katie recently took two pregnancy tests? How did Tom react when David offered the couple relationship advice?

For more details on Katie’s stifling marriage, check out the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.

(via US Weekly)

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