9 Ways to Enjoy Thunderstorms …


I adore thunderstorms. I always have. I’m currently in NY visiting my parents and, as I write this, even though it is only mid-Spring, the temperature is cresting 80 degrees (what?) and the first real, honest to goodness storm of the season is gearing up and getting started. I love it most when the humidity is thick, so the rain makes everything feel cool and polished and brand new. If this is your idea of heaven too, then check out these great ways to enjoy thunderstorms!

1. Go for a Walk

One of the best ways to enjoy thunderstorms is to go for a walk – but only when it’s safe, of course. You should obviously avoid lightning at all costs, but you can still have fun in a thunderstorm by taking a walk. Typically I wait until it is winding down, when there’s thunder in the distance but the lightning has stopped, or at least moved far away. There’s nothing like the air just then, especially if it’s cooled down after a hot spell.

Sit on the Porch
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