7 Vintage Pieces That Make Great Photography Props ...

Photography is a passion of mine. I love to take a memory or a thing of passing beauty and preserve it for years to come with the help of my camera. Lately, I've been building up some clients to make a side business out of my passion. I'm finding some great vintage pieces that make for beautiful imagery in photos. Here are 7 vintage pieces that make great photography props for you to have fun with as well!

1. Wash Pans

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Photo Credit: Angela Bowden

Years ago, wash pans were used by your great grandmother to wash clothes and even do things like canning pickles in. I have a set that my grandmother gave me that belonged to her grandmother, and let me tell you, they make perfect baby picture props! When you have a child old enough to sit in a bowl of water and have fun, take them outside with your wash pan and a rubber ducky and set the mood for some beautiful pictures to hang on the wall! And just think, if you have some that belonged to family members, not only are you creating good imagery, you're also creating an heirloom keepsake!

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