Toxic Relationships - Hope and Renewal

Several weeks ago, Lisa Nowack became the center of media attention with her obvious mental lapse that took her on a 900 mile journey to confront and physically attack the new woman her former lover was involved with.

Is there room for hope and renewal for Lisa Nowack now? Only time will tell. Lisa Nowack is currently undergoing a thorough investigation to determine what may have sparked this mental breakdown and her true mental capacity at the time.

In your opinion, what could Lisa Nowack have done to keep this relationship from falling to such a toxic level?

Do you think there is such a thing as loving someone too much?

Should William Oefelein be held accountable for any part he may have played in the mental and emotional breakdown of Lisa Nowack?

Of course hindsight is always going to be 20/20 - but I personally feel very sorry for Lisa Nowack. I know what it’s like to love someone so much that you’d do just about anything for their love. I also know what it’s like to develop an attitude that forbids too deep a love to prevent falling into a challenged emotional state.

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