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Breaking up is Easy to do

By Mabelle

Do you have a friend, or a friend of a friend who just cannot seem to get over his or her past relationship? I do – and it’s been several months that I’ve been cajoling her to get out of the funk that she’s currently in – but I just can’t seem to help her!

When it comes to recovering after a break up, there are just some things that a friend cannot help you out with – so you better start doing it yourself!

Here’s my own version of the 3 simple rules **that you need to follow to **restore your dignity right after a falling out:

1 Get Rid of His Stuff – and All of Your ‘couple’ Stuff

Whether you moved into his apartment, or he moved into yours – there will be **little reminders **of the time that you had together. Change the sheets, throw away his stuff on your bathroom – rearrange your apartment if you need to!

2 Look Great and Look Happy when You ‘accidentally’ Bump into Him

After a breakup, there’s such a thing as an orchestrated ‘accidental meeting’. Wear your red killer heels if you know that there’s a chance that you’ll bump into him. Don’t just look great – you need to look happy, too – even if the mere sight of him is enough to want you to beg him to come back into your life.


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3 Repeat This Mantra: “I’ll Get over Him – Soon!”

Don’t let this soon be anytime within the next ten years or so. When you say soon – it should really be soon! Remember that time is the best healer **– and if you really want to get over someone, just give yourself a little time to moon – then gather your wits together and start putting your life back together. It’s only then that you’ll get to say that you’ve finally, really gotten over that jerk who **broke your heart. =)

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