6 Fears of Moving in Together ...


6 Fears of Moving in Together ...
6 Fears of Moving in Together ...

Even when you are really want to take that next big step, it can be a pretty scary thing, I know all about it. Being worried about things in such a moment is only normal… Normal, but not necessary.

Trust me, a strong love can survive all that. Doing things together, the boring but necessary things in the house, will bring a new kind of closeness to your relationship. Your messy hair in the morning, together with your bad morning humor, they could be even charming to him, as he is hopelessly in love.

You can worry about all kinds of things:

Losing your privacy
Becoming…old news; day and night together, won't he get bored?
Maybe he will change the way he is once you move in…
Sharing responsibilities and things to do around the house; after all, you are not the housekeeper
• **Money; **you don't want to be a kept woman but also not have to pay for everything
Romance killers: messy hair and no make-up, dirty laundry, bad mood before the first cup of coffee in the morning

... What did I miss ?

And of course there is also the worry of one of you having to move and all the preparation and effort that requires. All practical issues are just things that need to be talked about. Let him know what you want and listen to what he wants. Find out together what works for you and go for it!
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I'm about to move in with my boyfriend...Is there a right time for moving in? Is it always a step to marriage too? Coz,I m freaking out :)And does it,just by moving in,necessarily means u agree to marry the significant other? I m young to get married (21),and to be honest I v being doing some soul searching these days,and I am agreeing about 1.,2.(but in a reverse way),and 3. :)))

I don't think there is a "right time" for moving in... Every relationship is different... For some people, it might be 2 months and for other people it might be 2 years... It all depends on how fast you guys are moving and where you are in your relationship.

Dear Princess, the right time to move in is a matter of feeling. Some people do it after one week, some people after many years together. But it definitely does not mean that you automatically agree to get married. I think you need to talk with your boyfriend before moving in and make sure you both know what the other one expects from the moving in thing. Communication is the key that opens a lot of doors in a relationship:). I hope this helps you.

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