Top 3 Thong Theasons Err Reasons


Top 3 Thong Theasons Err Reasons
Top 3 Thong Theasons Err Reasons

Should you wear thongs? I personally do not feel comfortable in this type of underwear - but there are times when they are the only solution to your wardrobe problem. If you are like me who consider thongs to be a torture device rather than a sexy, feels-like-you-have-nothing-on panties, take a look at the top 3 reasons for wearing a thong:

To avoid panty lines.

Thongs are a must if you are wearing light-colored and tight-fitting pants or skirts. Try looking at yourself in the mirror wearing granny panties with a pair of white denim pants. Those panty lines are a big no no!

To feel comfortable.

For some women, thongs make up the majority of the items in their underwear drawer. The key to feeling comfortable in a pair of thongs is to try them on for several days straight. For the first few days you might feel the urge to fidget and adjust your thongs secretly, but practice makes perfect. Buy a pair which lays smoothly on your skin - not cutting through it.

To feel sexy.

From a man's point of view, thongs are definitely the sexiest type of undies that women can wear. If you are planning to catch somebody's eye - you may want to buy yourself a few pairs - the right pair of thongs will boost your confidence and make you feel ultra-sexy!

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Thongs make me feel sexy plus they are very comfortable. I feel confident when wearing this underwears plus no panty lines!

i typically dont wear any underwear at all

i feel sexiest in french knickers and strangely my man HATES thongs...and would actually be very afraid of me wearing one. personnally i find thongs unflattering on me. i wear matching underwear to feel sexy, preferably la passionata. and i always show my man my latest addicted to bra buying!

I love wearing thongs! Especially cute ones that match perfectly with an outfit. They really are to be worn to make the person that is wearing them happy! But there are those days where we just wanna kick back and put on a pair of boyshorts!! haha!


I love Eva Longoria and I took her advice. I wear thongs to help me feel sexy. I feel comfy all the time too.

Do you think Eva Longoria is sexy? Well, the only advice on being sexy she gave was: " Always wear thong". And so I did, and guess what, now they feel so much more comfortable than all my panties and I feel so much sexier too. Plus my husband just LOVES, LOVES that I wear thong. It's totally worth it!

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