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Top 3 Reasons Why Skirts Are Better than Pants

By Mabelle

Just for laughs:

In your closet, are there more skirts than pants or more pants than skirts? If you're a pants aficionado – you may want to rethink your choice in wardrobe, because here are the top 3 reasons why skirts are better than pants:

**3. **Studies have shown that wearing skirts is 90% effective in preventing **VPL **(visible panty line).
2. **Ruffles on a skirt can be over-the-top **glamorous. Ruffles on pants are only acceptable if your name is Mary, and a little lamb follows you everywhere you go.
And our number one reason why skirts are better than pants?

1. Skirt blowing up, revealing underthings? Sexy.
Pants falling down, revealing underthings? Humiliating!
How about you? What're your top 3 reasons why swirly skirts are way better than manly pants???

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