Top 10 Things for Your Gym Bag ...


If youโ€™ve never worked out in a gym, you may not be sure what youโ€™ll need. It seems like a strange thing to ask someone too โ€” what do you keep in your gym bag? But unless you ask, youโ€™ll never knowโ€ฆ or you can just read my list of the top things you need in your gym bag!

1. Good Trainers

Good Trainers

Photo Credit: d.dong

I canโ€™t tell you how important a good pair of trainers is. If you use shoes that are cheap or run-down, youโ€™ll get blisters, and a poor work-out. Invest the money in a pair of shoes that fit right, are comfortable, and will last for at least a year.

Shower Shoes
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