The Not so Good the Bad and the Uggs - Styledash Picks the Ugliest Shoes Ever ...


The Not so Good the Bad and the Uggs - Styledash Picks the Ugliest Shoes Ever ...
The Not so Good the Bad and the Uggs - Styledash Picks the Ugliest Shoes Ever ...

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Love them or hate them, these are the ugliest shoes on the block. If you own any of these (I have to say I do own one pair on the list) it's not you that is ugly. It's your footwear. So without further adieu, I present you with "The Not So Good, the Bad, and the Uggs."

**1) Uggs: **Sure they are warm, sure they are comfortable, but guess what else they are? Ugly. These sheepskin boots will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer but not without a smattering of insults.
2) Crocs: **Perhaps the most hideous shoe on the list, have been spotted all over town from your creepy next door neighbor to the President of the United States.

**3) Doc Marten: **Blame the 90's on these sh%t kickers. Kurt Cobain and the grunge era made these a closet staple and today "punk" rockers like Avril Lavigne has kept them going strong.

**4) Birkenstocks: **Nothing says "I don't care about my image" and "I care entirely too much about my image" at the same time like a pair of Birks. A dirty hippie's footwear of choice.

5) Teva Sandals: See the blurb about Birkenstocks and replace "dirty hippies" with "granola nature freak"

**6) Jellies: **Any product of the 1980s can relate to the permanent toe damage that these shoes have caused. What little girls once wore to look grown up, are worn by foolish adults to look sweet and cute.

**7) Steve Madden Slinky: **Most likely the only original design Steve Madden ever came up with, these shoes can be seen on women of all ages. Why? I do not know. Not only do they look hideous, they look pretty uncomfortable too.

**8) High HeelSneakers: **The most nonsensical shoe in the bunch. We wear sneakers to run around and play. We wear high heels to look sexy while being in a horrible amount of pain. When you combine the two the results are disastrous.
9) Platform Flip-Flops:** Why oh why do so many women wear these shoes? They are ugly and probably not the safest shoes around. I mean balancing on a 3 inch platform of $10 foam can never be a good idea.

**10) Gladiator Sandals: **They may be "in" right now but just know those second glances aren't looks of approval, they are just wondering if you are in costume for the movie. Which came out years aog.

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