Classic Cardy UGG Boots - Will You Get Them?

Well, hello Dolly, what do we have here? It’s so good to see these Classic Cardy boots by UGG available again! Weren’t these sold out recently? I also heard that you need to be on a long waiting list before you can get your hands on a pair of these pretty boots. Ah, the Classic Cardy boots…with its nice, eye candy wool knit uppers and sheep skin sock liner. They spell comfort like a warm bath. Yes, I want a pair please!

Now available in oatmeal, black and grey, this pair of boots is something I can easily call as “versatile.” Meaning I can wear this during those cold winter nights but I can also wear them during quick afternoon movie dates with my closest gal pals…just because! I can see myself wearing the grey pair now - couple that with a nice black one-shoulder top, white shorts, light silver belt and funky accessories - niiiiccceee. I just love the wood button details. Don’t you?

For only $140 a pair, I won’t pass up on this offer.
What about you?

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