27 Coolest Platform Shoes for Summer 2009 ...


27 Coolest Platform Shoes for Summer 2009 ...
27 Coolest Platform Shoes for Summer 2009 ...

I am such a huge fan of platforms! I can't believe women ever lived without them! Not only they effortlessly make our legs 5 inches longer, they also make it so much easier to walk in high heels!

I'd say platform shoes are the best invention in fashion world ever (well, beside the aviators and the skinny jeans, of course :). But enough said, let's see what kind of fabulous platform shoesdesigners have in store for us this summer!

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Balenciaga - Leather Platform Sandal

img.allw.mn - Leather platform sandal.jpg


Balenciaga - Leather Platform T-strap Sandal

Balenciaga - Leather Platform T-strap Sandal


Brian Atwood - Haley Suede Batik Sandal with Cork Platform

img.allw.mn Atwood - Haley suede batik sandal with cork platform.jpg


Brian Atwood - Patent Leather Platform Sandal

img.allw.mn Atwood - Patent leather platform sandal.jpg


Brian Atwood - Watson Python Platform Sandal

img.allw.mn Atwood - Watson python platform sandal.jpg


Burberry - D

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they are so cute i love shoe numbers 7, and 10. they drive my crazy, i am going to cry til i get them….

Hi, I was just wondering if you knew the name of the style of the Louboutins, No. 11? They are amazing and I need them! Having trouble finding them on the net though. Cheers for any help

4,9,10 and 27! who's with me? I'm so into platforms. I just bought a new pair 2 days ago, I will never give them a rest :D

hello how are you my wife loves #24 and 25. her bday is in week and i cant find them anywhere to purchase i have looked all over the internet. would you be so kind as to tell me where i can buy these wonderful shoes. thanks so much in advance

they are so cute i love shoe numbers 7, and 10. they drive my crazy, i am going to cry til i get them....

There are so many gorgeous heels that it is hard to pick a favorite, but I actually liked the Miu Miu the best. They seem the most casual. Most practical. A shoe that one would seem to get the most use out of during these summer months. There are many like the fabulous Jimmy Choo shoes that are much prettier, but for an all purpose, fantastic high heel for summer, I'd say I'd like to see the Miu Miu strapped onto some willing feet. BTW- the Giambattista Valli shoes are annoying. That small little platform just looks stupid. And I'm disappointed in the Christian Louboutin. Marrying a deck shoe and a high heel is not for me.

I love every and each pair - you just kill me softly with this view

L O V E #'s 4,5,6 and 24!

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