Steep Vs. Cheap Dipped in Liquid Leather ...

So a couple months back, we mentioned that celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna were bringing leather-esque leggings back to the mainstream. Since then, the rocker-inspired look has taken the streets by storm, and shiny, ultra-tight black pants (if you can even call them that) have started to give the skinny jean movement a run for its money.

Worn with sleek knee high boots or a pair of killer heels, the latex look actually works if you have the right body type (ie long, skinny legs a la Mischa Barton). Most of us would probably attempt them for the first time paired with a loose, thigh-grazing top for a more flattering look (unlike the ladies of Tinseltown who aren’t afraid to show off a little bit more).

Here are a couple of options for when you’re ready to bring out the cat woman in you;

STEEP: A fave with celebs, these Kova & T latex leggings, with cutout heels fit like a glove and would look ultra-chic tucked into a pair of ankle booties. $113 available on Shopintuition.

**CHEAP:**These leggings from American Apparel are a great, more affordable alternative. Available in a rainbow of colors and textures, but we’d recommend sticking to the lamé black to avoid looking like a Jazzercise instructor. $40 in stores.

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