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Max and Chloe Treasure Box ...

By Nadia

As an intern at Max and Chloe, I have come across many beautiful pieces of jewelry. After much search and debate (who can possibly narrow it down?) I finally chose a few pieces that I think are absolutely necessary for girls anywhere. My favorite picks include pieces for anyone - tall or short, bold or timid. The question remains: can YOU narrow it down to your favorite?

My dream jewelry box includes many items from Arena CPH, a brand from Copenhagen. The Arena CPH Bibiane Gold Layered Necklace is simply breathtaking. I love the softness of the piece, as if you could flutter away when you put it on. It is so feminine and delicate that I would pair it with almost anything. Whether I chose to wear a cute tee or a lengthy formal dress, this is definitely my choice necklace.
As a fun alternative, I would recommend the Arena CPH Electra Gold Necklace. This piece is a bit more youthful and fresh - a perfect gift for a younger sister or close friend. It's really cute.
For taller women, I recommend the Jessica Elliot Gold Long Iron Clover 3-Way Necklace. Lengthy and elegant, this piece has an Old Hollywood vibe that is irresistible. I especially like the mix of a traditional design - the clover - with a modern feel to it.
Honoring myself with birthday pride, I suggest the Maya Brenner Scorpio Zodiac Pendant. I love that Maya Brenner's Zodiac necklaces are so interesting and vintage-looking. They are casual yet sophisticated enough to wear with a dress.
I love rings. I think they can be so flattering and the perfect signature piece. An even better version of the perfect ring is a personalized ring. The Kacey K Two Tone Monogram Ring is the perfect signature piece. I love the color contrast that makes the ring so feminine and fun. It's also great quality which I think is a must for signature pieces. If it's going to be worn daily, it must endure the ups and downs of daily life!
For the girly girl, I recommend Calico Juno Hammered Heart Hoop Earrings. These are probably my favorite earrings right now; I wear them with everything! They're especially flattering with swept-up hairdo's. I'm always wearing my hair in a bun and these are a quick fix to make sure I look put together. These get an A+ in my grade book.
Bold women, I salute you! And I suggest you put on Wendy Mink Peacock Earrings. These are so fun and lively that you must have the attitude to match. Even if you are timid, though, I still recommend them. Earrings as fun and festive as these are sure to make anyone a little more daring.
From my treasure box to yours, these pieces of jewelry I recommended are sure to add more flair to your wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed something, if not every piece!

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