Top 4 Spy Apps for Android to Keep Your Family and Business Safe ...


Top 4 Spy Apps for Android to Keep Your Family and Business Safe ...
Top 4 Spy Apps for Android to Keep Your Family and Business Safe ...

Being unaware of your children's activities in today’s world means that they might be contacting strangers and in general are being exposed to the dangers of the online reality. The use of the internet is vast, and people can use it to do anything even harm or bully a person. That’s why if you’re worried about your own or your family’s safety, it won’t be harmful to use one of the spy apps. These apps can be used for other reasons as well, like keeping tabs on your employees' work. So here is our pick of some of the best and easy to use apps for android devices that can keep you and your family safe:

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Spyera is the definition of spying when it comes to the best android spying apps. It has such a great camouflaging effect that it is never identified. The app can be downloaded from its site itself and allows all kinds of intense as well as trivial spying behaviors.

As a concerned parent you will be able to keep tabs on your kid’s messages, most prevalent social media apps, web history, location, emails, calls and a lot more with this generous app. Another great thing about it is that it can let you access the video and audio of the device being spied on. This app can be used anywhere from companies to households and provide something for everyone. The pricing may be a bit high for some people, but your family's safety is worth it.



The mSpy app is the most widely used spy app by parents and other members of a household to keep tabs for suspicious activities on android phones. It has an easy interface for anyone to use it easily. The best feature of the app is that it can monitor calls with their durations and present you a list of frequent callers to identify any suspicious activity.

You can even use the app for spying on a spouse as many folks do. Sure spying on a grown-up, especially a spouse or a lover can be more complicated than a kid, but there are some tips and tricks to help you catch a cheating partner effectively, read more about it. Other features of the app include, social media monitoring, device media information, visited URLs info, and much more.



If you desire for a spy app that can monitor mobile usage and better employee performance than there is nothing easier than FlexiSpy. The app is so advanced for employee tracking that it can even tell you all the keystrokes a person types on their mobile with. There is microphone and camera access to help you live track the mobile user. The app can be used in the hidden and visible mode as well. FlexiSpy also has a tremendous and distinct feature of monitoring social apps chats and calls. It also comes with all the spy app mandatory tools of SMS, calls, email and web tracking.



This app provides a different installing option for people who want to get the full features of it by jailbreak. However, if wish to use XNSpy as it is you can by a variety of options. Under the jailbreak category, you can find additional and highly useful features of SMS recording, IM apps’ chatting and calling, calls with timestamps and caller information. You can also use the app to locate someone and also view their web history.

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