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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Endorses Sarah Palin ...

By Mabelle

I still can't understand why these two are famous, but what the heck!

Spencer Pratt **and **Heidi Montag were spotted recently at a Taco Bell branch were the 'generous' couple helped kick off the brand's Reality Check Challenge. Amazingly enough, the couple is participating in a campaign which helps stop world hunger.

When asked about politics and what they think of Sarah Palin – the oh-I'm-so-cool yet creepily bearded Spencer answered:

Well I got my six pack in the car I am a true American like Sarah so were good."

The only thing that I liked about the interview was that Heidi who's "too young" – said that she is not planning to pop off some little Speidis in about 10 years or so! Thank goodness for that – I hardly think that these two should even be allowed to reproduce, lol.

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