Brooke Hogan Slams the Press - Wrong Move, Dimwit!

Reality TV “actress” and failed pop singer Brooke Hogan recently slammed the members of the media because, according to her, they only “make too much money telling LIES.” Wrong move, you dumb ass! Before you carelessly blog about your very “profound” thoughts, let me give you a rundown of what your apparently small, uneducated brain can’t fathom:

- the media has been forgiving to you and your family a number of times (your asshole of a brother **who speed races has left someone living like a **vegetable, your father is dating someone your age who happens to be your friend (!!!) and your mother is partying around with a guy half her age… and to think your parents are getting a divorce!)

- the media that you so carelessly tag as “jerks” and you so freely tag as “liars” is the same media that you PAY to promote yourself and your stupid antics (talk to your publicist **and your **manager…they’ll help you understand!)

- the media that you so carelessly tag as “inaccurate” and “stupid” is the same media that has put your father to wherever he is now and has put your family to where you are now (did you really think your reality TV shows would attract a single viewer if not for the media that you’re slamming right now???

- the media helps you gain that popularity that has eluded you ever since you started your so-called “singing” and “acting” career, you twerp! And this very same media that you’re attacking right now can be the very same media that can PULL YOUR CAREER DOWN in just a snap!

So think about these before you open your mouth!!! Your stupidity is getting more and more obvious, Brooke Hogan! I wouldn’t be surprised if people forget you ever exist in a few months’ time!

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