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Sienna Miller and Married BF Still on What is It with Married Men?

By Maria

OR better yet — what is it with women who have the makings of a mistress and simply cannot stay away from married men? Sorry but I don’t care if the guy is separated. His wife is the last one to know that they’re having problems and he has four kids who are, for sure, traumatized now. Wait for him to get the legalities fixed before you let him touch your boobs in public and before you let him kiss you on the lips while you’re topless! Geez.

Sienna Miller and millionaire boyfriend Balthazar Getty are apparently still seeing each other. To make matters worse, they’re reportedly having their trysts at the Chateau Marmont hotel (which attracts paparazzi like moths to a flame), less than two miles from his pad in the Hollywood Hills. Did they really think people won’t know? Or perhaps they WANT people to know that they’re still seeing each other?

I can just imagine the embarrassment Getty’s wife Rosetta is feeling right now. I wonder what she tells her four children when they’re teased in school and they’re told that their father is a cheating bastard who travels in a yacht kissing topless girls. I wonder what the **children think of their father. **

This is precisely why the world is so f*cked up these days. Immorality breeds.

Feel free to rant.

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