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Jessica Simpsons Pregnancy Boo Boo - Will You Lie Just to Keep Your Man

By Maria

Call me weird but I always have this secret desire for singer and current Tony Romo flame Jessica Simpson to fail and be miserable. I used to like her, really, but ever since that fateful “Newlyweds” episode where she made it public that she does not know the difference between chicken and tuna, I’ve developed a dislike against her. And it seems there’s a new reason for me to not like her more…she just told her boyfriend’s family that she’s pregnant even if she isn’t.

Jessica is reportedly so desperate to have a baby with Tony and was delighted when a home pregnancy test revealed she was expecting a child. Unfortunately, Tony’s family’s reactions weren’t favorable. Tony’s parents didn’t like the idea that the singer was pregnant especially out of wedlock. She was later forced to admit that she made a mistake. She allegedly **misread the pregnancy test.
First of all, how difficult is it to read a pregnancy test? Secondly, how desperate has she gotten? Lying about something as important as a pregnancy is never a good thing, you dimwit!

What do you think of Jessica’s actions? Will you (or have you) ever resort to this just so you can keep your man?

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