7 Seriously Unpopular Celebrities ...

When regular people reach a certain level of celebrity, they put themselves out there to the public. They're basically saying to us, “Love me or hate me, just make sure you pay attention.” There are some celebrities who seem to really, honestly believe that no publicity is bad publicity, because they apparently go out of their way to make sure the public's opinion of them is really negative. Unpopular celebrities are currently trending all around the internet, especially the blogosphere, so I'm bringing you your daily dose of viral madness as it pertains to some of the most seriously unpopular celebrities around right now. Enjoy!

1. Mel Gibson

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Mel, Mel, Mel. He's still riding in the Unpopular Car on the Crazy Train, although things have died down a teensy bit since his ex finally stopped releasing nutsoid phone calls. Which means something Mel-related is bound to happen soon. The world at large, however, is mainly still mad about that extremely unfortunate, unforgivably anti-Semitic drunk rant. Remember when everyone used to love Mel because he was a great actor and didn't do crazy things?

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