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Playtex Announce Half-Size Bras... Finally

By Kimberley

How many times have you wished that sexy bra you've had your beady eye on would be perfect if only it fit properly, but you buy it anyway because well... it's rare that the bras you want ever fit properly? Stress less is the latest response to this problem because the geniuses behind lingerie company, Playtex, have come up with a fairly obvious but long-awaited solution - half-size bras. Unsurprisingly, there was a chorus of "hooray, at long last!" around the office when news of this first broke. Finally, it seems that someone (who actually has a clue about the female figure) has sat up and taken notice of what women want and high on our wish list is half-size cups. Playtex's new half-size range is already available in the US and includes sizing between cups, for example size 34 "Nearly A", "Nearly B" or "Nearly C". Let's hope this will inspire other bra manufacturers to also sit up and pay attention. [Via]

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