OMG It's Celebrity Gossip Overload - Sound the Alarm ...


OMG It's Celebrity Gossip Overload - Sound the Alarm ...
OMG It's Celebrity Gossip Overload - Sound the Alarm ...

I know you’re all dying to know what Hayden Panettiere looks like while dropping the F-Bomb Wonder no more, Hayden Rocks has it!

Aguilera Buff is sharing **adorable photos of Christina and Jordan** who are obviously both very excited about becoming parents. I have to admit, they do appear to be, one of the happiest couples in Hollywood.

Could Joel really be cheating on Nicole with Hilary Duff?

Hollywood Birthday always has the scoop on who is turning another year older.

Check out these awesome black and whites of Vintage Hunks.

Lohan Groupie is has the latest on Lindsay Lohan and her release from rehab. Hint, it’s not this weekend.

Are Jessica Alba and Cash Warren back together? I don’t know, you tell me - check out what Jessica Alba News found!

Is Avril the new BFF to Britney?

Is it just me or does Victoria Beckham act like a cat marking it’s territory in nearly every photo op with hubby David? It’s almost as if she were afraid of losing him to a nanny or something.

Fergie and Princess Beatrice were mirror images of one another at a recent fundraiser. It’s hard to believe the little Princess is so grown up.

If you’re a Mischa Barton fan, you’re going to love this weeks news on Mischa Barton News. Tons of photos!

Can you believe **Nicole Richie is a little afraid of parenthood**? It’s normal Nicole, you’ll do fine! Just don’t mimic Britney, m’kay?

Are you a big Brad Pitt fan? You might want to check out the contest thats running on Pitt Watch - You could be the next winner.

Ever seen Sandra Bullock blond? I have and so has Snarky Gossip - Check it out!

Please God, don’t let there be another televised OJ Simpson trial. I promise I’ll be good!

Could it be that Paris Hilton is growing up? Or is she trying to win a bet to see just how long she can go without the paparazzi catching another Paris Hilton crotch shot or nipple slip?

In case you missed it, Starked NY has a copy of the Alicia Silverstone Texas Banned PETA ad.

Contrary to rumor, **14-year-old Miley Cyrus is NOT pregnant**!

Did you hear what Fergie did for charity? Fergie Freak has all the details.

Some photographers take it just a bit too far. Even if it is Britney Spears!

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