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Obsession Can Change the World ...

By popbytes

hey hey! before i get into this evening's post - i had to tell you that i was driving up la brea in hollywood this afternoon right by target (slightly south of santa monica blvd) and i noticed this guy crossing the street because of his pants which were really cute (gray slacks combined with a black sweatshirt that had a cool print on the back) as i drove past he was getting into his convertible black mercedes parked on the street and i looked over and it turned out to be jc chasez of 'n sync fame - he was totally adorable in person! (from the bag he was carrying i believe he went to eb games - everybody likes to get their video game on!)

anyways since i've been watching a lot of big brother after dark (the trashiest season yet) over on showtime - i've seen a bunch of promos for the upcoming second season of the tudors with hottie jonathan rhys meyers as 'king henry viii' - i know a lot of people have called hearsay on this show because of its historical inaccuracies & exaggerated spiciness but it's incredibly soapy & sexy fun - i totally loved the first season and after catching the other boleyn girl last weekend (which could have been spiced up more) i'm totally excited for march 30th (three weeks from tomorrow night) when the show returns! below are two stills from the first new episode along with a promo titled obsession can change the world popbytes over & out for tonight (don't forget to watch saturday night live tonight with amy adams playing host!)

Obsession can change the world. The critically acclaimed Showtime Original Series THE TUDORS returns for an all-new season of betrayal, backstabbing and beheading. King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) rules England, but his Queen-to-be, Anne Boleyn, rules his heart. Scheming and seduction provided her entry into the King's inner circle. Now, she's finding it difficult to keep her head as Henry's lust for power and fury over Pope Paul III's (special guest star Peter O'Toole) refusal to grant him a divorce threaten to destroy all in his path...

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