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Nike Releases Pee Wee Herman Shoes

By Jonathon

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Of all the random characters for a sports shoe company to model their footwear after, Nike has chosen to create a pair of sneakers in homage to the legendary Pee Wee Herman.

The all-gray high-tops are decidedly understated, and -- as far as I can tell -- don't have much to do with Pee Wee, although they sort of resemble the shoes he wore on the show.

That being said, they're nice looking in their own right -- especially for guys who like the athletic look but still want to be stylish. The tag is a nice touch, as, with shoes like these, the idea is to tuck the front of your jeans behind the tongue -- and even cool dudes can appreciate a little red accent.

High Snobriety found the shoes at Univ in CA. I couldn't find them on the Nike: Skateboarding website, and it doesn't look like a Univ has an online store, so unless you live in the area, you might be out of luck. That being said, I'm sure they'll show up on eBay sooner or later.

Above all, I'm taking this as further proof that the legend of Pee Wee will never die. Ever.
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