NASCAR Makes Women's Shoes

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If you're looking for a pair of shoes to go with your White Trash Charms, NASCAR has the answer. The company says their new batch of lady's shoes "celebrates your spirit, your attitude and your beauty in a fun and sexy way."

In addition to the awesome lime green cowboy pictured at right, the true auto racing enthusiast might also enjoy these heels (complete with fake tire skid marks on the bottom), and the NASCAR bikini -- coming out this summer.

While it may, at first, seem like fast cars and fashion fads are completely unrelated, the recent move isn't all that surprising. Women make up 40% of NASCAR's fan base, and 50% of new fans. Subsequently, they're a gold mine. The organization expects to sell up to $250 million in goods for women this year.

The shoes are set to hit stores in August, but be warned -- the prices are a little racy. Boots will sell for $189, and some pumps decorated with steering wheels will sell for $239. Not the most expensive items in the world, but for clothing adorned in racing flags and skid marks, I'd say it's a little unreasonable.
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