Repeat Trend- Gladiator Sandals, Also Pockets ...

Hola Chicas,

Sorry folks, it's been a long week, so I'm giving you two trend posts and a product of the week.

The Gladiator Sandal is back! It's more feminine and wearable and less 'gladiator' than last year. Those strappy and combat looks are still out there, but we have more options this year.

I had to post these. You can get them from Urban Outfitters. Ready for battle?

The beads on these 'temporarily out of stock' sandals from Old Navy add some femininity to the Gladiator look.
These sandals by Bebe were made in Italy, the home of the Gladiator Sandal.

I know. I know. We're seeing pockets everywhere. I think it's another cool detail to add to our everyday dresses, skirts, and other clothing items.

Eva Mendes

Cameron Diaz



The product of the week is Goldie Nail Polish. My boss gave it to me as a Valentine's Day gift. I'd never heard of Goldie. It was a set of two polishes, a light pink and a dark pink. The polish was in curvy bottles with a little bow and a flower top. I actually didn't think much of it at first and I didn't use them for a while because I have my favorite brands and colors. I decided to switch it up one day and wear the dark pink. I got so many compliments the next day and everyone was asking me if I got my nails done professionally. The polish dried in a high- gloss finish and after applying my top coat, it was shining to the max! The polish stayed for a few days longer than a lot of the other brands that I use. This is some heavy duty stuff and it's sold at Bath And Body Works. I am very pleased.

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