7 Must Have Sandals ...


7 Must Have Sandals ...
7 Must Have Sandals ...

Sandals and summer go hand-in-hand. I have a hard enough time wearing shoes, let alone putting on a pair of socks to go with them. That’s the beautiful part about wearing sandals; no socks need to be involved! I’ve done some searching and came up with 7 must have sandals that I think are perfect for the warmer days of summer.

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Leia Sandals by Camper

Leia Sandals by Camper Sold for $128.24 at endless.com

These suede sandals look both comfortable and classy. I like the double straps that cross over the front of the foot; it seems to add a different feel to the shoe. I also really like the way the back of the sandal holds the heel in place. I’ve had shoes in the past that simply slipped off my foot, since there wasn’t anything holding my foot in place. I think these shoes would be great with a sundress, Capri pants, or even a pair of slim fitting jeans. The lack of a heel makes them a bit more versatile.


T-thong Patent Leather Sandals by Saks Fifth Avenue

Sold for $128.99 at saksfifthavenue.com

These are available in both black and red. The black will go with many more outfits than the red will, but I think the shiny red patent leather is fantastic! There is a slight heel to add a bit of height, but it isn’t so high that it makes it difficult to maneuver in. I think these have a fun and summer feel to them. I also like the buckle on the front strap. Being able to adjust the sandal in two different areas allows for a better fit all over.


Stacy Leather Sandals by Bebe

Sold for $149.00 at bebe.com

These 5 inch heels are perfect for adding some excellent height, which is something I need at times. They will definitely keep my slacks from dragging on the ground, but the heel isn’t so high and spindly that I’d feel off-balance. So, I’d have the additional height without needing to perform a balancing act each time I wore them. I like the open-toe aspect as well. This feature is great for showing of newly painted toenails! The rivets along the front of the shoe add a bit of flair and these would even go with a pair of jeans.


Priscilla Halter-back Sandal by Johnston and Murphy

Sold for $69.99 at johnstonmurphy.com

This is another pair of sandals available in both black and red leather. I find the snake print to be rather classy. I also like the fact that there aren’t any buckles on these sandals, making them easy to slip on and off. The memory foam cushion and straps lined with leather add to the comfort of these sandals. They have just enough heel to provide some additional height. I have large feet, so I prefer sandals with thin straps. I find that narrow straps tend to make my feet look a bit more feminine.


Talca Sandals by Born

Sold for $69.99 at eddiebauer.com

It’s often difficult for me to find a pair of sandals that have great arch support, which is important when there is a lot of walking involved. This pair of sandals has all the comfort and support necessary for a long day out on the town. These are also available in a variety of colors. The price is reasonable enough that I could get a couple of pairs to go with my vast wardrobe. I probably wouldn’t be able to wear this with a fancy dress, but they would definitely go with just about everything else I own.


Strappy Slip-on Sandal by Chaco

Strappy Slip-on Sandal by Chaco Sold for $70 at garnethill.com

I figured everyone needs at least one pair of sandals that are suitable for water activities. These are definitely the type I would choose. They have great arch support, excellent coverage with multiple straps, and are easy to get on. I like the way the sandal can be tightened by simply tugging on the loose end of the webbing. I also prefer the way the webbing wraps around the big toe to keep the sandal in place. These are great for canoeing, wearing to the water park, or even when watering the flowers.


Circuitry Sandal by Chico’s

Circuitry Sandal by Chico’s Sold for 23.80 at chicos.com

Having a simple pair of slip-on sandals is a must. I really like the platinum color this style is available in. I’m not usually drawn to sandals with wide straps, but the silver buckle is a great feature that sort of breaks up the thick appearance of the strap. The ergonomic footbed allows for the shoe to nestle the foot better, providing a better fit. These would be a great pair of shoes to have sitting right by the front door, ready to slip on with just about any summer outfit.

I found so many amazing pairs of sandals, but chose these as my top 7 must have sandals. Were there any pairs that you liked as well? Have you come across any styles that you feel are the perfect pair for summer? Let me know. I’d love to hear about your find!

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Oooh, the #1 sandals would be perfect on a cruise or beach trip. You could wear them with a cute sundress or short outfit.

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