10 Must-Have Sandals ...


10 Must-Have Sandals ...
10 Must-Have Sandals ...

It’s time to kick those tennis shoes off and get into a nice pair of comfortable sandals! If you are interested in wearing sandals and need a new pair of sandals, then I have a list for you! Below, I am going to give you the top 10 must have sandals…

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Braided Tiffany Sandals

Braided Tiffany Sandals Price: $17.99 at gap.com
These are Tiffany Sandals by Bucco Capensis. They have a braided accent down the front with intertwined chain décor, which I think is really cute. The patent style straps have a buckle closure. They are a flat sole, which I’m not a big fan of flat soles, but nonetheless, they are still cute.


Butter Floral Slingback Thong Sandal

Butter Floral Slingback Thong Sandal Price: $198.00 at garnethill.com
As I said, I’m not a big fan of flat sandals, but I like these! I am really attracted to the red color and I really dig the flower that is on the top of them. Pair this off with a red beach dress and you will look cute!


Charlotte Ronson Eleanor Braided Straw and Leather Sandals

Charlotte Ronson Eleanor Braided Straw and Leather Sandals Price: $81.60 at emoda.com
Since I am not a fan of flat shoes, I had to give some heels in this blog! I think these are really cute shoes. It features light brown straw wedge heel with a polished brass buckle. They have a tan rope band that connects the two sections and brown leather, which completes the look.


Romy Leather & Raffia Sandals

Romy Leather & Raffia Sandals Price: $159.00 at bebe.com
These are some really great sandals! They are super strappy and will be perfect to wear this spring! The bands wrap around the foot with multiple straps. This gives a peak to your skin. There are Ts traps running up the foot to the triple banded ankle strap. Wow, these are great!


Poetic Licence 'My Haven' Sandal

Poetic Licence 'My Haven' Sandal Price: $169.00 at barefoottess.com
What is it with sandals having stuff printed where you put your feet? Does this bother you? The design is usually so pretty that we do not want to cover it up! Oh, but it’s nice knowing our feet are standing on a lovely design, right? I think these sandals would go great on a beach. On an ending note, I like the flower that is on the straps!


Carved-heel Sandal

Carved-heel Sandal Price: $89.00 at victoriassecret.com
So, what do you think of these shoes? I think they are one of my favorites on this list! I love the carved heel look. I think with shoes like this, you are bringing art to your feet! Who would have ever imagined we would be wearing something like this? There are many colors you can choose from.


Flower Thong

Flower Thong Price: $39.00 at silhouettes.com
There are some pretty details to these sandals and they come in a variety of different colors. Behind the beauty, you will find comfort and great support. The leather straps with petal detail are perfect. They have a one inch shock absorbing heel.


Burberry Nova Sandals

Burberry Nova Sandals Price: $250.00 at zappos.com
I’m not really a big fan of these sandals, they are too plain looking to me, but I know some girls who really like them. These have a vamp and side buckle closure, flat heal and leather lining.


The Monroe Sandal

The Monroe Sandal Price: $58.00 at karmaloop.com
These are flat T-strap sandals that will give you a great makeover! They consist of snake embosses leather, zipper ruffle detail going along the front, buckles on straps and a one inch covered wedge.


Blue Ring Detail Croco-embossed Leather Sandal

Blue Ring Detail Croco-embossed Leather Sandal Price: $398.00 at forzieri.com
I had a pair of pink sandals that looked like this, but I love this blue color even more. I know they are almost four hundred dollars, but they are real worth it. If you take care of them, they will last for many years. They have that glamour chic look, yet sensually vamp. I love the bright blue look that they have. I think they front ring with sparkling crystals really draws my attention.

There you have 10 sandals that you must have this year. I know that it will be expensive if you buy every shoe I have listed here, so you need to choose a couple of them. Which ones do you like the most?

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Number 6 and 5 in white are my faves!

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