My TV Dream Job.


My TV Dream Job.
My TV Dream Job.

I have already professed my love for Ugly Betty in two previous posts, while also confirming my proclivity toward couch-potato-ness.

Now, and miraculously, The New York Times and I agree on something: The new TBS sitcom, My Boys.

My Boys is kind of like the old Mary Tyler Moore Show, meets Friends in Sex And The City, …but with a lot more beer…and actual profanity…not sign language cursing.

P.J., the lead actress in the show, has my dream high-school job: newspaper sportswriter. (Baseball is her news beat and the metaphor used to tell each episode’s story — sort of like exactly how New York City was Carrie Bradshaw’s metaphor.

If the coffee shop was the locale at which the Sex and the City gals met to catch up on each others’ lives, the weekly poker game is where P.J. and her all-male gaggle of men meet. She’s kind of like a cute fraternity mom…but cute in a boyish kind of way…that quality the men seem to like.

Among the many things I thought I wanted to be when I was 16 (Broadway dancer, poet, Olympic gymnast and some other non-attainable professions)…

…my ALL TIME dream job was to be a sports writer for The New York Daily News or announcer for the New York Yankees.

Like P.J., I wanted to surround myself with atheletes, beat reporters and live out of a travel bag. Unlike P.J. I preferred to dress like Carrie Bradshaw.

Got to go now…the NY Giants are on .

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