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Mulberry Bespoke Service
Mulberry Bespoke Service

After all the debate over Kate's Mulberry custom made (or bespoke) green alligator bag I thought we should look into Mulberry's bespoke bag service for you guys. Basically you choose one of the core Mulberry styles in the skin and hardware of your liking, it is also personalized with your initials engraved on the postman’s lock on the front of the bag to further confirm its owner (you know, in case you are at the SoHo House and some bimbo tries to sneak off with your bag!). The lock-free Calder will be specially fitted with a Mulberry branded plaque on the back of the bag that can be engraved with your initials. In addition, leather initials can be ordered to hang from the handles of the bag and make it truly personal and unique. As for Kate's bag with the missing exterior front straps that confused so many of you, our Mulberry source said it was an aesthetic decision based on the alligator skin (just as I thought!). Though you are not actually designing a whole new bag, this customization (or bespoke) service allows you to choose the leathers and hardware that best fit your personality and taste! The cost is not that much more and you have to admit, having your own initials on a bag is quite appealing. (More info after the jump!)
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Bespoke service is available at Mulberry's London stores (Bond St and Brompton Road)44(0)2072291635, the Rue St Honore store in Paris, as well as New York (Bleeker St and Madison Avenue).

Left: Ledbury In Violet Ostrich Right: East/West Bayswater in Cyprus Ostrich


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The Range of Bags Are from Both Women’s and Unisex Styles


Customers Can Choose from Six Classic Mulberry Styles: Ledbury,

East West Bayswater, Bayswater, Piccadilly, Brynmore and Calder.


These Styles Are Available in a Selection of Exclusive Leathers, Including

ostrich and metallics.


As Part of the Bespoke Service, You Can Choose to Have up to

three initials engraved on either the Postman’s Lock on the outside flap
or on a metal plate fixed to the back of the bag depending on the
bag you choose.


For an Additional Charge, the Service Also Includes the Option to

purchase up to three leather initials that hang from the handles of the
bag and are made from matching material.


Each Bag is Made Individually by Hand in the Mulberry Factory in Somerset


The Bags Will Be Delivered within 6 to 8 Weeks after the Order Has Been

taken if the materials are in stock, and within 14 weeks if the leather has
to be specially ordered.


The Bags Can Either Be Collected from Any of the Participating Stores or

delivered to a home address.

Left: Bayswater in White Patent Right: Brynmore in Soft Tumbled Gunmetal
There are Six classic Mulberry styles you can choose from for this service:

LEDBURY- £495-1,500 / USD $995 - $3,415
EAST WEST BAYSWATER- £595-2,195 / USD$1,195 - $4,409
BAYSWATER- £850-2,700 / USD$1,707 - $5,424

PICCADILLY- £1,250-4,000 / USD$2,511 - $8,037
BRYNMORE- £595-2,195 / USD$1,195 - $4,409
CALDER- £850-2,700 / USD$1,707 - $5,424



You Can Choose from a Selection of Exclusive Materials, Including Patent and Ostrich


All Leathers Are Tanned in the UK, Italy or France for Mulberry from Premium Grade Hides

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All Ostrich Leathers Are Sourced from Certified Farms


The Customer Has a Choice of Silver or Pale Gold Components

As part of the Bespoke Service, customers can choose to have up to three
initials engraved on either the Postman’s Lock on the outside flap or on a metal
plate fixed to the back of the bag depending on the chosen style.

For an additional charge, up to three initials can be made in the same leather
chosen for the bag. The letters are hung from the bag and are individually cut
and finished in Somerset by local craftsmen.

Photos and Source: Mulberry London

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