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The Moschino Muffin Bag

By BagBliss

July 23, 2007

The Moschino Muffin Bag
If a designer finds great success in the sale of a designer handbag that is loved generally throughout most of the purse community they will continue the line of success slightly-revamping it along the way until they decide to go another direction.

While flipping through Vogue for this up and coming month of August I was blown away when I came upon pictures of the new Moschino Muffin Bag. The bag is truly breathtaking. The purse reminds me of one of their bags that they came out with a while back under their Cheap & Chic Line - a less expensive but similar in quality line.

The bags, as you see share similar strong details, such as the pleated sides that scrunch up and gather at the mouth with a thin belt that loops around holds it all together clamping shut with a heart and key charm lock.

When the Cheap & Chic was still available it retailed for just under $1,000 while this new Muffin bag retails anywhere from about $1,000 for the small and on up to $2,000 for the large.

> Right now over at Zappo’s there are a bunch of the Muffin bags in from simple canvas or leather to eye-catching metallics. Go on over at check them out! (My heart is set on the juicy red patent version - it’s totally stunning)

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