L.a.M.B. Cheetah Kingston Purse ...


L.a.M.B. Cheetah Kingston Purse ...
L.a.M.B. Cheetah Kingston Purse ...

It takes balls to name a handbag after your baby, and then cover it in bold (some might say garish) cheetah coated canvas. **Gwen Stefaniโ€™s latest creation for L.A.M.B. is this Cheetah Kingston purse, a hefty handbag **that features the signature L.A.M.B. racing stripe down the middle as well as smooth black leather trim. Itโ€™s certainly got a lot of personality, but I think Gwen herself may be the only woman who can get away with carrying a bag this eccentric. Thatโ€™s not to say itโ€™s not a cool, fun (definitely funky) design; itโ€™s just a bit too impractical and over-the-top for the average woman.

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$675 at eluxury.com

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