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Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Crocodile Marilyn Multicolore Purse ...

By Jennifer

August 9, 2007

Limited Edition: Louis Vuitton Crocodile Marilyn Multicolore Purse
Bag Bliss has learned from Handbag Addict, Vanessa147 of the Bag Forum that Louis Vuitton has recently reintroduced the Marilyn bag. Difference? An exotic new trim.

My opinion as an owner of the original first multicolore Marilyn bag, which debuted this summer, is that there are so many other multicolore LV bags to choose from and for that price you can get something much more functional.

My main problem with the bag is that the shoulder strap is not long enough. And it’s not just me either. Every time I wander into the Louis Vuitton (once a week) someone is trying on this bag then giving it back to the sales assistant for that same reason. I’ve overheard many people saying, “maybe it’s just my shirt.” No. I am telling you it is not your shirt. The strap of this bag was designed too short so when you try to wear it as a shoulder bag it slides off. My lord, all Marc Jacobs had to do was add a couple links to each side of the bag and us Marilyn-owners or want-to-be-owners would be satisfied. It sure is pretty though. Especially in the made-over new purple crocodile trim Limited Edition Version. Just think you don’t have to worry about the leather changing color unevenly, it would stay this lovely deep shade of purple. But is it worth the extra few thousand? The original version retails for $1,250 and the Limited Edition (pictured above) will set you back around $5,000 per.

For more information on this new Limited Edition bag, which will only be available in select stores, call 866.vuitton

Or if you want to get your hands on the croc-less original bag, then wander on over to eluxury.


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