Finding My Way


Finding My Way
Finding My Way

By Diana Feather

I'm trying to find my purpose in life; I'm trying to find my way. I always enjoyed writing, especially poetry. In high school I found out that I was good at writing stories and interviewing people for Journalism class. I continued my studies in college and graduated with a BA in English and minored in Journalism. After graduating I sent out applications with my resume attached only to get turned down by four out of five possible internships. The fifth internship had good news that came too late. I already had a job as a data entry clerk that was going to help me pay back my school loans and start a 401k fund. I desperately wanted to take the internship, however the hours conflicted with the job that I desperately needed to keep at the time. Now three years later I am still a data entry clerk who is still looking for freelance journalism work. I don’t regret taking my current position because if I hadn’t I would have never met my fiancé. I just want to find my niche in the world and I want to know if I’m truly meant to be a writer. I still enjoy writing and I have a blog that I keep updated about the world around me. I also continue to search for possible freelance work that I can do from home. However, it never seems enough for me and it does not seem to be what I’m searching for. I know the dream job won’t come in a magic bottle and that I have to continue to search for it and put my resume out there. But how do I get five years experience if every job I find is asking for experienced writers?

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I like your finding my way. That what life is all about finding our way to a love one a job a home ect. ect.

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