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Not Lost without You Robin Thicke

By Guest

By Angeli Kakade

I attended Robin Thicke’s much anticipated sophmore album release party yesterday and what a night it was for the man of the hour! The Target sponsored party was held at New York City’s famed Rainbow Room which takes its place on the 64th floor of Rockefeller Plaza.

Guests sipped drinks like “Magic” and “The Sweetest Love” (which were specially created and fittingly named after tracks from Thicke’s album), while dancing to tunes spun by celebrity DJ Cassidy.

The night took a turn for the even better when Jay-z quietly made his way through the doors and straight to the back of the room. As if one hip-hop heavy hitter wasn’t enough, not 5 minutes after did Puffy make his way to the VIP area joining Jay –Z, Robin, and his wife, Paula Patton.

The night continued with surprises when Thicke himself took the stage to thank his wife, express his support for Obama (to which the crowd cheered), and of course entertain his guests with a song.

I managed to get a few questions into Robin and when asked what listeners can expect to hear from his new music he replied, “Hopefully during these rough times, people can have something pleasing to listen to.” He also shared his favorite track off the album entitled “Dreamworld”… coincidence?

If you want to create your own Robin Thicke party, put on his new album, make your very own “The Sweetest Love” cocktail, and think fond thoughts of Senator Obama...but not necessarily in that order

The Sweetest Love
2 oz vodka
1 oz grapefruit juice
Splash of grenadine
Cherry garnish
Serve as a martini
- Courtesy of the cute bartender at the Rainbow Room

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