Yoga Harms 4500 Victims Already


Yoga Harms 4500 Victims Already
Yoga Harms 4500 Victims Already

Yoga is supposed to be a healing of the mind, body and spirit - but if the exercises cause your body to be injured?

An article from reveals that nearly 4500 Yoga students were sent to the emergency room in 2006. The stats are up by 18% from the previous year. So what went wrong? How can the supposedly healing exercises for your body end up having to rush you in the ER?

The orthopedic surgeons said that the more experienced yogis ended up getting hurt more than those who are just starting with their classes.

I think that the key to not end up being hurt by these limb-twisting exercises is for the teacher to determine first whether their students have some kind of muscular or other health problems.

What if you’re a newbie in an intermediate class, and in trying to follow the position of others, you permanently damage your neck or your ankle? There are nuances to the Yogic positions that only the experts and instructors would know about - so if a person has an improper hand or feet alignment in relation to the poses - they will end up hurting themselves.

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I don't understand this website? What's the point? Especially in non-articles like this? (I don't understand MSN reporting it either) It's kind of obvious that people can be injured since it IS a form of exercise, and you are doing lots of bending and stretching. Not to mention people are injured putting on their socks in the morning ......

Dear Anne, Let me ask you something too :) What's the point of going through articles you are initially not interested in? And more over, what's the point of leaving little nasty comments on them too? Imagine someone you haven't invited, comes to your house, leaves dirt all over and at the end dares to say: "what's wrong with your place?"... I did not invite you to this blog and neither did the authors of the posts, so, please stop insaulting people, who work here and go to the websites you actually like. Thank you very much!

Actually the danger is not just physical. Please do Google search for 'yoga occultism' for more information.

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