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JK Rowling World's Best Paid Author

By Mabelle

There's a lot of money to be made if you're the author of the "**Harry Potter**" book series. Like you didn't know it yet!

Forbes Magazine listed author JK Rowling as the world's best paid author – revealing that she rakes in** £3 million a week**! Last year, the author who penned the first installment "**Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone**" in 1997.

Since then, Ms. Rowling's personal fortune is estimated to be around in £560 million. This is a combination of her earnings from the sales of the "Harry Potter" books, the film franchise and everything in between.

Other bestselling authors who made it to the Forbes list include:

1 JK Rowling - $300M

2 James Patterson - $50

3 Stephen King - $45 M

4 Tom Clancy - $35 M

5 Danielle Steel - $30 M

6 John Grisham Tied with Dean Koontz - $25 M

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