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Did Jen Seek Post-Breakup Comfort from Brad amp His Mom?

By Mabelle

There’s really no surprise that the oft-tabloid followed romance of John Mayer and **Jennifer Aniston **fizzled barely four months after they started dating.

The **“Gravity” **singer seems to love all the paparazzi attention that he’s getting after things ended up with Jen.

But is it true that Jennifer Aniston sought the help of Jane Pitt, her former mother-in-law? According to Star Magazine:

Jen still calls Jane all the time, and she really needed someone to talk to," an insider says. "And she started telling Jane about her split with John." When Brad walked into the room as Jane was consoling Jen, she simply handed the phone to him. "At first, he didn't know what to say," says the insider. "But he listened very intently and tried to comfort her. He was very patient and attentive.

Hmmm, I wonder if this is the reason and not post-natal depression which causes Angie to scream at Brad over petty things, according to insiders?

I really do hope that Jen’s heart get healed over time – she deserves to be happy after all that she’s been through. But I personally do not agree her calling Brad’s mom when she clearly knows that she lives with Brad and Angelina – that’s just plain asking for trouble. Move on, girl!

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