Angelina Awaits Twin's Birth ...


Angelina Awaits Twin's Birth ...
Angelina Awaits Twin's Birth ...

If there is one Hollywood ****pregnancy **which was very much celebrated, it is the twin-offspring which is ‘produced’ by gorgeous couple **Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

At first, there was speculation as to whether that was a baby **bump or not. The **pregnancy **rumors stopped when **Angelina **herself confirmed the second pregnancy at the **Independent Spirit Awards in **California **last February 23.

Next, there was a big buzz as to whether the future genetic winner is a boy, a girl or twins. The news was ‘accidentally confirmed’ courtesy of Jack Black at the Kung Fu Panda premier at the Cannes ****Film Festival in May.

Today, the rest of the world is eagerly awaiting the birth of the twins, along with the expectant mother, of course.

According to

Angelina Jolie has checked into a Nice, France, hospital, where she is expected to give birth to twins.

Reports suggest Jolie checked into the hospital for surveillance. She is not expected to give birth immediately.

**Dr. Michel Sussmann **who spoke at a brief conference for the media in **France **confirmed on Wednesday that the twins may take a few more weeks to arrive.

Angelina **has basically kept mum about when her exact due date will be -there was even speculation that she will have a **caesarian **operation on the fourth of **July **-but I guess we’ll just have to wait with bated breath as to when the **twin Jolie-Pitt’s will be welcomed into this world.

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I hope Jolie would be all right. Im sure they cant wait to see the brangelina twins.

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