Jude Law is on the Lookout for 'Boxed' Girls ...


Jude Law is on the Lookout for 'Boxed' Girls ...
Jude Law is on the Lookout for 'Boxed' Girls ...

Seems like Jude Law is not ready to settle down anytime soon. According to CelebrityMound.com, the 35-year old actor was seen in New York City last week – where he was "scoping out The Box for girls".

His ''quest' for female companionship was so successful that he took back one of the dancers to his room at the Gramercy Park Hotel right after the show – where she stayed holed up with him for the next three days.

Word has it that Jude was also seen at the hotel's Rose Bar last week. His publicist, however, claims that the "**My Blueberry Nights**" star is in London with his kids.]

I guess after going out for a long time with somebody like Sienna Miller – some of the 'directionless'-ness is bound to rub off on you.

**More news on Jude Law: **

Jude Law "scoping out The Box" in search of girls!

Jude met one of the dancers after the show and took her back to his room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. She stayed holed up in there for three days...
Jude Law β€œscoping out The Box” in search of girls!

Apparently β€˜The Talented Mr. Ripley’ actor met one of the dancers at the show and took her back to his room in Gramercy Park hotel.
Jude Law Reuniting With Ex?

It would be pretty amazing for the tabloid hounds, seeing Law and MIller together after they broke up when he admitted to cheating on her with his childrens' nanny...

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This story is absolute crap. Jude travels all the time...why would his publicist "claim" he was in London with his kids if he was in NYC? And who did they claim it to and why? Nobody, that's who, because it's CRAP. Also, the original lie, I mean, blurb posted on Page 6 said he was "vacationing in London with his kids"...uh, they LIVE in London, and the kids are in school...so 2 + 2 = LIE...how dense! And regarding the Sienna comment..well, we all know what a smart decision he made getting rid of that hag! Good riddance!

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