Jamie Lynn Moves Back Home after Fiance's Alleged Affair ...


Jamie Lynn Moves Back Home after Fiance's Alleged Affair ...
Jamie Lynn Moves Back Home after Fiance's Alleged Affair ...

Let's face it: despite the fact that Jamie Lynn's engaged and all that – she's barely 18 so personally, I think that she shouldn't have moved out of her parent's house in the first place.

She may be engaged to be married, but she's still way to young to branch out on her own. And now look what all this **teen pregnancy **mess has gotten her into.

According to MarieClaire.uk, Britney Spear's 17-year-old sis has moved back to her mom Lynn's house in Louisiana, from the young engaged couple's home in Mississippi.

Jamie Lynn brought her two-month old daughter with her. So what's the cause of the falling out? There were revelations that Jamie's fiancΓ© Casey Aldridge has had an affair with 28-year old Kelli Dawson – while Jamie was pregnant.

Casey denied Kelli's claims at first, but **Jason Alexander **supported the claims. Britney's ex husband said that Kelli and Casey have been "a couple on and off for a few years" now.

This may be bad news for Jamie Lynn – but maybe it will be for the better. Now that her big sis Brit's been cleaning up her act, maybe it's time to put her life back together, too?

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Welcome to adulthood Jamie...............it's sad because she's so young. But she can learn from this and get stronger.................she still has her whole life ahead of her!!!

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