There's More to Kristin Davis than Just "Sex amp the City" ...


There's More to Kristin Davis than Just "Sex amp the City" ...
There's More to Kristin Davis than Just "Sex amp the City" ...

I absolutely adore Kristin Davisโ€™ character Charlotte **in the hit **TV **series (and now **film **version) โ€œ**Sex & the Cityโ€. Charlotteโ€™s **demure **fashion sense, **conservative **outlook and **charming **personality all attracted me to her character.

But who is the person behind her Park Avenue character? Blog has a full length article on โ€œKristin Davis: Her Healthy Life Secretโ€.

Apparently, the 43-year old actress is involved in Oxfam ****International, an organization working against poverty **and **injustice. In the Blog article, she shared what she has seen while visiting Mozambique, South Africa and Uganda.

When asked which women inspired her the most, **Kristin **replied:

Wow, so many, My mom, Angelina (Jolie), Hillary Clinton,Maya Angelou, Helen Mirren.

Interestingly enough, Kristin **admits to being a **recovering alcoholic. She went sober during her mid-20โ€™s, but the actress said that she has been sober during the entire time that was in the limelight.

For a woman who is in her early 40โ€™s, Kristin looks like sheโ€™s in her early 30โ€™s. Hereโ€™s a bit of her beauty secret:

My mom looks great for her age, so I think genetics has a lot to do with it. Also, I donโ€™t drink, I donโ€™t smoke, and I love my Ahava sunscreen.

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I miss the the cast and I miss Sex and the City. Kristin is one of my faves.

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