Anne Hathaway Takes a Much Needed "Man Break" ...


If you think that at the age of 25, Anne Hathaway is too young to take a break from men in general – think again. After the actress' four-year relationship with Rafaello Follieri, Anne decides to take some much-needed "me time" to figure out what went wrong with her previous relationship.

A source told The New York Daily News, "She wants to make good decisions in her next relationship. She is working on figuring out what went wrong with Raffaello."

Hello? She's still trying to figure out what went wrong? How about the fact that he's a scumbag who has given her jewelry as gifts from 'unreliable' sources that Anne had to return it to the FBI? Or how about the fact that he's arrested for some seriously illegal behavior, and if she did not break up with him back then – he would've taken her along with him?

Anyway, it's great to hear that Anne is not on the lookout (yet) for a rebound relationship. To take her mind off her heartbreak (awwwww…) she's enjoying some quality time with friends and family, attending church and taking yoga classes.

It may seem like it's the end of the world when that long of a relationship ends – but she's young and beautiful and she has a great **Hollywood career **ahead of her. I'm sure Anne will bounce back from this **heartbreak **soon!

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