Brangelina's 'Random' Act of Kindness ...


Brangelina's 'Random' Act of Kindness ...
Brangelina's 'Random' Act of Kindness ...

Remember the botched report of Angelina Jolie giving birth to twin Jolie-Pitt’s last May 30? Apparently, the gorgeous **β€œWanted” **star will not have the caesarian delivery until the first or second week of July.

In the meantime, OK! Magazine reports that the foundation that Angelina **has with **Brad Pitt - the Jolie-Pitt foundation - donated $1 million as an educational aid **for children in war-torn **Iraq, **as well as kids in **America.

"The money will be split evenly," reports OK! Magazine. "Half will provide aid for some 5,700 children in Iraq...The money will pay for basic necessities, including books **and **school supplies**** **to help educate **Iraqi children ... The other half will help children in the United States who had a **military **parent killed in Iraq, or who are separated from a parent stationed in the country."

It’s always great to hear stories about Hollywood celebrities sharing their (million dollar) **blessings **with the **less **fortunate.
It seems that being soon-to-be parents **of **six **wonderful and famous children, being tagged as the most beautiful couple in **Hollywood **and gaining success in their film and **charitable projects are not enough for this hardworking couple - they go out of their way to donate a million bucks for the cause of their choice, too.

Way to go, Brangelina!

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is there any change to be their kid in age of 30 ? ;)

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