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Why Nick Cannon's Not Going to Be a Dad - Yet

By Mabelle

If you're the world's most famous diva **and you're married to a young 27-year old like **Nick Cannon – would you want to put a stamp on the career **that you've worked so hard on so that you can get **pregnant?

Mariah Carey **says no. "**The Touch My Body" singer isn't ready to put a bun in her oven yet.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine:

Mariah gets teased all the time about when she is going to have a baby - but she just looks at you like you said a dirty word and tells you that with her new figure, and how hard she always needs to work to keep the weight off, one pregnancy and it would be over!

"Mariah has got a great life - she is not looking for anyone, or anything, to change that. She would play a concert a month to support the world's starving children but a child of her own has never been her dream."

Right. I can see the lengths that she would go to so that her 38-year old body would not be marred with **stretch marks **when her belly gets full.

And she displays her wares in a barrage of skimpy outfits – if you want to see an almost 40 woman dress like she's still in her teens – that's Mariah! Poor Nick – he probably should say buh-bye to the thought of being a dad. I bet he'll remain as a childless Mrs. Carey for a long time!

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