Charlize to Reporter "You Know My Boyfriend Will Kill You


Charlize to Reporter "You Know My Boyfriend Will Kill You
Charlize to Reporter "You Know My Boyfriend Will Kill You

If you were as gorgeous as Charlize Theron, itโ€™s probably commonplace to receive a marriage proposal from a total stranger.

The always-stunning actress recently displayed her kickass moves in the odd superhero flick **โ€œHancockโ€ **where she starred opposite Will Smith.

Wearing a shimmering silver gown at the premiere of โ€œ**The Burning Plain**โ€ held at the 65th Annual Venice Film Festival, the actress was surprised when she received a marriage proposalfrom a reporter.

According to US Magazine:

First of all, I really like you so much and have a lot of respect for you but I would like to marry you," said the reporter, adding, "I have a question: which side [of the bed] do you prefer to sleep [on]?

"The side that you are not on," responded Charlize, whose long-time boyfriend is actor Stuart Townsend. She then jokingly yelled, "Security! Security! Security!" and offered, "The man with the red -- you are very cute, but you know my boyfriend will kill you."

OMG! The poor guy probably didnโ€™t know what hit him. He was probably really taken with the goddess-like looks of Charlize that he just couldnโ€™t help but propose right then and there!

If I were Charlize โ€“ I would have been really flattered โ€“ and used much more โ€œcolorfulโ€ words to tell that guy how my boyfriend **would willingly **kick his ass! LOL..

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Charlize and Stuart make such a lovely couple. They're both very good looking and I like the fact that they've been together for a few years now and they are still going strong. TRUE LOVE still exists!!!

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